Seminars for Improvement

We are holding Research-Skill Improvement Seminars for Female Researchers.

 Office for Promotion of Gender Equality of Kyushu University holds seminars for graduate students and faculty members (male participants are welcome). We have held seminars named “English Presentation Seminar for Academic Conferences” (December 17 and 18), “English Email Communication to be Connected to the World – Understand, and Be Understood” (January 14), and “Learn from the basics; an intensive English Thesis course” (February 2 and 3) in the 2015 school year. Please visit Activity Report for details.

 The Office is continually planning various events. The related information will be posted on “What’s New” section, so please participate.


English / Japanese proofreading expenses support (internal use only)

Faculty members only access.

International Academic Conference Dispatch Support (internal use only)

Faculty members only access.

Research Assistant Employment Support (internal use only)

Faculty members only access.



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