Fundamental Principles

Basic Act for Gender Equal Society established in 1999 clearly states that the realization of a gender equal society is positioned as "the most important issue in determining the framework of 21st-century Japan". This law aims to build a society in which everyone can use their abilities fully and progress regardless of their gender, and have opportunities to participate in every field.
Since its establishment in 1911, Kyushu University has been valuing creativity and diversity, and promoting its pursuit of knowledge based on a free and vigorous atmosphere on campus. We also aim to further develop gender equality to adjust to globalization and the changing social and economic conditions. Therefore, here we announce fundamental principles for the establishment of an environment in which all the faculty members and students can prove their personality and abilities to the fullest extent below.

  • Development of gender equality and transmission of information
  • Harmonization of work and life, improvement of academic/working environment
  • Promotion of education and research which respects diversity including international views
  • Promotion of gender equality in the process of planning and decision making