Seminars and Events

Female Graduate Students Seminar, Open Café, and others are being held.

 Office for Promotion of Gender Equality of Kyushu University is holding research-skill improvement seminars for graduate students, Open Café, and so on. We have held “Career and Life Path to be a Professional – for Female Researchers/Engineers” (role-model event), “An intensive course to achieve 990 points prior to TOEIC test” (English improvement seminar), and “Open Café 2014: From Fukuoka! Career and Life Path” which provided interaction between our alumni and current students at the university’s Home Coming Day and Alumni Fest in the 2014 school year. For details, please visit Activity Report.

 The Office is planning variety of events in the 2015 school year too. We will post them in the  “What’s New”  section, so please participate!